Sunday, January 30, 2011

Micro Lessons

On day one of class everyone taught a mini lesson using the equipment available in the gym. It ranged from basketball to soccer and volleyball. This is a great way to get everyone teaching experience early on and maximize class time. Bringing the video camera into play is a great way to analyze your teaching skills.

I've watched a lot from our class and everyone seemed to do pretty well, but there is always room for improvement. Most people need to work on what we always talk about- speaking louder and being clear with instructions. To view Josh's transcript from his lesson click here.

St. Mary's Lab one

I was so excited to get back to St. Mary's! I am so excited to have these extra hours working with kids. I also am really happy to help and give the students that are in lab for the first time some tips on what to do in lab. They seemed a little timid on the first day, which is understandable. I was nervous the first time I went. It took them a long time to feel comfortable, especially with the pre-k kids. I think that its really hard for people to get used to dealing with the younger kids. I'm lucky that I've been exposed to the younger kids through working at a day care back in Syracuse. I think we had a pretty good start and I'm excited to get to know the students in 255 and seeing them go through this process.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Kicking off the Semester

I'm excited to start this semester! I'm looking forward to some really positive experiences in 255. I just have to kick this cold first! The winter has finally gotten to me, just in time for classes. But getting up an moving and using my brain is sure to make me feel better.

After a great semester taking 201 I'm looking forward to some friendly faces and new experiences in 255.