Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bullying In Education

Tonight in my night class we discussed the recent events of bullying in school. These events have been widely publicized in the media, yet even before they were given public attention, bullying has occurred all over our country for years. My professor, Ralph Hesse opened with this video...

The fact that these young boys were bullied to their death breaks my heart. The most concerning thing Ive found after watching this video is that even when parents and students reported this bullying to the school, nothing was done. This was an ongoing discussion in our class about what is considered bullying, and why does it go unnoticed? Why do teachers often under-estimate the rate of bullying at their schools? We came up with some answers to these questions. Bullying usually occurs in a place where teachers do not have supervision; such as in the bathroom, locker room, during recess, in the hallways, and on the walks home. Often teachers may turn a blind eye, or simply not notice certain ways of bullying, and that is how things get so out of hand. Also many schools within the state and the country don't have specific plans to deal with reports of bullying.

My professor then showed us this video of a school in Norway that has a phenomenal anti-bullying program at their school. If schools in the United States could take a page from Norway's book, we may be on our way to building better school systems, and more well rounded students.

To view this video click here. The program implemented in Norway is pretty amazing. Developing a sense of community within their schools has had an positive effect on their schooling. There is almost no bullying and when there are instances they are dealt with immediately and with seriousness.

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