Monday, November 28, 2011

Philosophy of Education

I. Education
               As a professional educator I rest my philosophy of education upon three major pillars of belief. Together, these three beliefs provide the basis of what I value, what I do, and why I do it as an educator.  These four beliefs include: building good, moral, sound young men and women, encourage self discovery, develop a sense of community as a class, and preparing students for life after high school. Being an educator is not just about presenting material to students; it is about making sure these students understand what you are teaching them, and why. As a teacher it is not only your job to educate these children when it comes to the books, but also educate them about life to come.
            Every person in the world has a set of morals or ethics. Depending on where your students come from, their experiences, and their environment, they may come into school with varying beliefs. As an educator I will strive to express my beliefs and morals to my students, while keeping an open mind and not imposing my beliefs on my students. I would like to express to my students my value in honesty, mutual respect, and welcoming diversity.
            Within my guidance to encourage students to become honest, respectful, and well rounded, I would like to have students discover for themselves what they value, and their value to their school, community, and society. I believe every student is talented in some endeavor, and they just need to discover their talent. To give students greater opportunity for self discovery, I will have a diverse classroom. Not only with students, but information presented. I would like to expose children to a number of activities so that every student may find something they enjoy and are good at. While exposing students to a number of subjects or activities, and educator should also be a keen observer. Once a student is seen excelling at a particular subject, it is important to help foster their growth within that subject.
            Whether students discover they are good leaders, good organizers, great designers, or good at movement, I would like to give every student a role in the classroom. I believe building a classroom with a sense of community is vital to success not only for student learning,  but also for their preparation to be released into life after high school.  Within the classroom I believe it is important for everyone to have a task, to feel as if they are contributing to the classroom running smoothly. Here giving the students a responsibility and opportunity to express attributes that are looked for in life after high school, such as punctuality, hardworking, honesty, and in some cases group collaboration, will give them an idea of what kind of people are successful in the world

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