Monday, April 4, 2011

Partner Jumping Reaction

Every day teaching gets easier and easier. With practice I think I am becoming more clear and effective with my teaching. I taught 2 partners in 1 rope and 2 partners in one rope alternating partners. This skill was pretty easy, yet hard to explain. I was pleased with my visual aids I used for this lesson. They were pretty cute and would be great to be used at an elementary school level. I think a common theme within our class is the size of posters. We all have great visuals but some of us need to make them a bit bigger, myself included.

Teaching the class partner skills was fun! I was amazed with how many things you can do with a jump rope. Having each of us teach multiple lessons using jump ropes and almost every skill is different than the one before keeps people interested in the lesson. Part one of my lesson was pretty simple and I think I demonstrated it clearly and effectively.  I demonstrated it without the rope just jumping with a partner then had the students break up with their assigned partner (that I used with the numbered cards). Once students seemed comfortable with that skill I called them back in to work on 2 in 1 alternating partners. This skill seems hard at first but after I demonstrated it in slow motion I think the students got it. This skill is good to have the students go out and work on things themselves.

My voice is at a good level and my confidence is high. I think I could work on demonstrating more. Once without the rope slow motion, once with a rope slow motion, ten the full motion of jump rope at live speed so students know what they should be doing. Also my positioning in the classroom gets off a few times. I rarely but sometimes had students behind me while I was watching other students.

Overall I think the lesson went well. I could work on using more congruent feedback with the students. Also I notice give feedback to those who are closest to me usually. I have to work on giving everyone positive feedback that correlates with the cues given in the beginning of class.

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