Monday, April 4, 2011

Pleased with Polo

After the anticipation of how much lab C really counts for, I think I did well once I got into teaching. I was very nervous and stressed out before this lab because it is longer and used a different skill that most people are not familiar with. I looked up rules of Polo, a brief history, and passing techniques. I decided that I wanted some fake horses for the students to ride on while passing the foam ball to each other.

Some positive things I did was the organization with the cards for partners. I made index cards with numbers on them. I had 1-4 with blue maker, and 1-4 with red marker. 1's paired up with 1's, 2's with 2's and so on. When the students paired up I had them work on a slow smooth pass to a partner while standing without their "horse". Once students got that down, which happens so fast in our class compared to how it will happen when we're teaching high school or grade school students. Once this pass was done well we moved on to back hand passing. The progressions start at forehand passes on the right side, and moved up to back hand passing and a neck pass or tail pass.

One thing I wish I did more was manage my time so the students could play a full field game longer. I could cut off some time from our passing progressions and get more into game play.I think my feedback in this lesson was better than my previous lessons. I used the cue's "slow and smooth" while talking to the students in class. I can still work on my volume and also make my visual aids larger. They seem so big when I'm in my apartment but then I get to a gym and they're not so huge any more! I am pleased with this lesson and the way I taught it and am exited (and a bit nervous) to move on to Lab D!

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