Monday, February 28, 2011

256 Prep

After sitting through our seminar for 256 (Field Experience) I'm both nervous and excited. This really is the semester that tests if you are in a major you belong in. There is no more messing around and just squeaking by. As we work every day, every move we make is towards our professional career. The fact that this is all real now makes me a bit nervous. I have so many assignments, deadlines, and things to keep track of between activity classes, scheduling events for club lacrosse, 201 TAing, and taking 255, it gets a little stressful. For all those who come after me, my advice to you is keep on top of things early.

Write our your schedule for each class from their syllabus and keep important dates in mind. I am at the point in the semester where everything is catching up to me- crunch time! No matter what I always get my work done, but year after year I don't organize properly. That is one thing I'm learning bit by bit each year which will help me become a successful teacher. Time management and organization are key to success!
Even with all these assignments I still try to get active and stay fit. In fact, I even get less stressed after playing lacrosse, broomball, or swimming. Balance is they key, and I'm still figuring it all out.

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