Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Misconceptions of a PE Major

   I always get into the argument with non-phys. ed. majors that all we do is play games. I wish I could take a student from another major and have them shadow me throughout a semester to see what P.E. is all about. The common thought amongst non majors is that all we do is sit around and play sports with each other. In reality we not only learn progressions of teaching a verity of sports, but we learn about the specific movements and functions of the human body, factors that effect it, and things to do to maximize physical fitness. Beyond this we are taught how to educate. P.E. majors are not only responsible for knowing concepts of progressions in sport and lifetime activities, but also how to teach them, and interact with children and understand the childhood psyche. Since Phys Ed has been implemented into schools, it has yet to get enough credit. It is our mission as PE majors to change our image and prove to everyone that we are here to make a positive difference in the health of youth.

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