Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chapter Questions Chapter 1&2

Chapter 1:

1.What is meant by the idea that teaching is a goal-oriented activity?
Goal oriented activity basically means to have an objective for your lesson in mind and teaching toward that objective/goal. This includes the three domains-cognitive affective and psycho motor. As an educator you also work to have your students reach the national PE standards.

4.) Why is the process that teachers choose to use content important?
This process is variable depending on what the goal if the lesson is. Depending on what you're teaching this process will change and also depending on your environment, students, and available equipment.

5.) Why is the movement task-student response unit of analysis so important in physical education? 
The movement task-student response unit is the vital to student motivation and effective teaching. The attitude and of the teacher is so important, as we talk about in class almost daily. If you as a teacher seem interested in what you're teaching, your students will be eager to learn. After the lesson is explained clearly its important for the teacher to observe the students activity and give constructive feedback. Always starting with something positive gives students confidence and leads to student improvement. 

Chapter 2:

3.) What are the requirements for learning a motor skill?  What do each of these requirements mean for the teacher of motor skills?

Firstly the student must be physically ready for whichever motor skill they're preparing to learn. Its important to build upon previously learned motor skills and work in progressions for success. When teaching you must be clear in your directions and demonstrations, let students preform skill, and then assess their abilities and give feedback. For prerequisites the educator must do a task analysis. Then the teacher must check for understanding and make sure students understand what their task is.  Once again the educator needs to be enthusiastic and give positive feedback.

4.)What is the difference between the way closed skills, open skills, discrete skills, and serial skills taught?

Open skills are skills that are variable. They are in ever changing situations, so they should be taught with ever changing environments. Closed skills are constant. Such as a free throw in basketball. It is always the same, you have the ball at the same spot and basket at the same spot every time you take that shot. Discrete skills are fast with a start and finish. Serial skills are a series of skills in a row, so those would be broken up at taught in parts, then when mastered they'll be added together.

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