Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Chapter 7

Chapter 7:

4.) In any class, physical education or not, teachers will have a direct effect on their classes. Depending on the teachers attitude, knowledge, and preparedness- these effects can either be positive or negative. First and fore mostly teachers should have a safe environment, and encourage students to be safe within that environment. Being prepared for class and having directions and specific goals instructed to the students clearly will have a positive effect. After giving out tasks it is important to observe the students reaction to the task at hand, and help them depending on their level of ability with positive feedback and correction. Within this feedback the teacher may notice the class is ready for more challenge and modify the lesson to make it more difficult. Likewise there may be classes where the task at hand is too difficult and the teacher may modify the task into something easier and help the students progress to the more difficult skill.

6.  In every class students will get off task. No matter what grade or what activity you've prepared and how exciting it is, there will always be at least one student who gets distracted. There are a few ways to get the attention of stray students back on task. If there are students who seem to get bored because they know the skill, you may change the task for that specific student to make it more challenging and require more concentration on that specific task. You may also pinpoint the student with positive feedback in front of the whole class to make them feel involved and possibly even more excited by their physical ability. 

7.  Types of feedback include.. a-A general closing statement to a class which is positive and directed towards the whole class- "Great job passing the lacrosse ball to your partner today! You look so good next class we'll work on passing on the move!" b- "Red team- make sure you don't get called for offsides, one of you has to stay behind this line every time!" c- "Great job following through with a step and your throwing hand, Danielle. Thats the right way to throw a football!"

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