Saturday, February 26, 2011

Jolly Jumpers!!

For lab B1 I taught two different jumping skills. I Worked on the Scissor Jump and the Side Straddle Jump. Overall I think the lesson went pretty well. I was enthusiastic, happy to be there, and pretty vocal. I believe I could have worked on having a better demonstration for the class. Possibly demonstrate numerous times to make sure they understood what was going on. I used scaffolding for each of these jumps. for the Scissor jump I used the movement of a lung to help lead into the jumping skill. For the side straddle I introduced the movement first as a jumping jack, then added the rope. Using things that students are familiar with can help them become more comfortable in working on that specific skill.
Another thing I could work on is my visual aids. Once put in a large gym they seem much smaller. I needed them to be bigger so when I had my students spread throughout the gym they could see the cues clearly.
Some things I believe I did well was try to address most of the students. I used a lot of names and gave feedback. One downfall of that part of my lesson was repeating the same people, and not being specific enough in their feedback. I usually said "good job", or "Keep it up" instead of "I like the way you're light on your feet with writs tight." Also some of my feedback was negative. For instance when addressing Josh once I corrected his arm form without first giving him a positive comment. To see an exact transcript of my lesson click here. With the students in our 255 class doing that isn't a huge deal, but in practicing for real live teaching I must be able to give a positive before critiquing a student. To see further detail in how I was giving feedback, please see the feedback analysis form.

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