Friday, February 4, 2011


Today our class had a great lesson in our voice projection. I found throughout 201 that speaking loudly and maintaining control of the class was a difficult thing for a number of people. Today we explored some tricks to help us get comfortable with speaking loudly and speaking from our chest using our diaphragm.

We participated in an activity called "There aint no flies on me". We stood in two lines opposite each other and competed in seeing who could recite "There aint no flies on me, there aint no flies on me, there may be flies on some of you guys, but there aint no flies on me", the loudest. I thought we were loud at first until Dr. Yang began singing with us, and over all 9 of us. The way he can project his voice is amazing. I think that I just need to get used to not feeling silly or like I'm yelling, and just think of it as me speaking and instructing.

We also practiced deep breathing to help our projection. I had a really good time in class and I'm glad there are only 9 of us in class. Having less people gives us more teaching opportunities and better bonds with a classroom. Even last year with 201 I felt like that class was our little P.E. family, and we had much more students. I'm excited to get into teaching Monday, yet still a little nervous.

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